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Cranberry Nail Spa features a menu of spa treatment options for men and women designed to offer variety while providing quality products to keep your nails and skin healthy and beautiful. Taking care of your hands and feet goes beyond obvious beauty treatments and good grooming - the psychological effect of the treatments not only helps relieve mental and physical stress, but promotes a general feeling of well-being.

Cranberry Nail Spa uses an autoclave sterilization process for manicure and pedicure instruments; this is your safe salon where your health and well-being are considered in every process.  More than twenty years of experience guarantees you the best services, safest products and attention to every detail of your spa experience..

  Spa Manicures and Anti-Aging Hand Treatments
    Cranberry Spa Manicures
    Our delicious, fragrant signature treatments are inspired by the fruit of the bog.
    Our cranberry manicure utilizes cranberry derived enzymes along with fruit acids
    designed to gently remove keratinized dead skin cells. The enzyme removes the
    top layers of skin, leaving a younger smoother skin with uniform pigmentation.
    The skin is then enveloped in a rich butter cream containing shea butter, vitamins
    A, C,  D and E for softer silkier, smoother skin while providing antibacterial properties
    to the treatment. Cuticle care, buffing, exfoliation, massage, massage with hot stones and a hot towel wrap with
    your color choice.  $25,  French $5

Polish is included in all spa manicures and pedicures French is optional with a $5 additional charge

Polish Changing:
Hands          $12        French $18          Toes  $15        French $20

***According to the weather, normally in May, June, and July, it is extremely muggy and it affects the polish. Be careful when you go to the beach, the sand will eat up the polish. We use the best quality product in the market for our valued clients, but unfortunately we can't guarantee how long it is going to last but if it comes off we will be happy to re-polish for you. 

Spa Pedicures and Foot Treatments
Cape Cod Spa Pedicures
A relaxing experience for men and women on the go - your spa pedicure includes a whirlpool soak, cleansing scrub, nail/cuticle care, attention to callouses and rough spots, buffing, exfoliating and moisturizing. Your spa pedicure is finished off with a light massage, massage with hot stones and heated towel wraps $35       French $5    Additional massage $1.00 per minute

Chocolate Spa Pedicure
A luxurious treat for your feet. Splash around in a Chocolate Mineral foot bath, followed by a Chocolate Scrub, Chocolate Mousse Mask and a massage with our Chocolate Butter Cream. Your feet never felt this good! A pedicure utilizing cocoa for nourishing, slimming and relaxing treatment. Derived from the Amazon, cocoa is among the most concentrated vegetable sources of energy. It provides minerals such as magnesium and zinc, as well as from 1.5% to 3% of theobromine and methylxanthine very similar to caffeine that has an effect on stimulation of lipogenesis (fat burning). These four-step treatments include nail/cuticle care, buffing, color, cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, massage, massage with hot stones  and a hot towel wrap.  REG. $65  NOW $45 Additional massage $1.00 per minute.

Also available in                   Mango Spa Pedicure           Champagne & Rose             Pumpkin Spice                       Coconut & Lime                 Cranberry Spa Pedicure

Swiss Sea-source Detox Pedi - the ultimate spa treatment Arbonne will lead you to  health and well being with a
  sea-source detox pedi. Sea source detox is a program created for detoxification, restoration and total renewal. Both sea water and sea plant life work together to transport nutrients to cells - helping to cleanse, purify and withdraw toxins from the body - providing for optimal mind and body function.  Sea Source products are available for purchase at Cranberry Nail Spa for those who would like to experience this awesome renewal spa at home.  Your spa treatment is completed with a foot "facial" mask wrapped in hot towels along with a hot stone massage and special attention to callouses and rough spots. Includes all the expert nail care of our signature pedicure.  $75    


Cranberry Jelly Pedi

This rejuvenating spa experience turns water into luxurious comfort - providing the ultimate relief for stressed and aching muscles as it helps to exfoliate and provides intense hydration. After routine nail care, your technician will prepare the jelly bath, massage legs and feet
in the mixture and treat callouses and cuticles. Sea salts are then added to the jelly - causing it to break down while providing an additional treatment for the feet.  Complete with massage, hot stone massage, hot towel wrap and polish.   $55

Foot  Massage
The ancient Chinese art of foot massage has long been recognized for its relaxation and medical benefits. Foot massage  uses the application of pressure focused on reflex points that are found in the foot. Each reflex point corresponds to areas on and within the body.

Foot massage relieves stress, pain and stiffness while promoting emotional well-being as it  increases blood circulation and aids the body in eliminating toxins.
15 min $25    1/2 hour $45


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